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Irish Jurist

Volume 60, 2018


Long Articles:

1. Gerry Whyte, Lord Ellenborough’s Law of Humanity and the legal duty to relieve destitution.

2. Joe McGrath, Twenty Years since the McDowell Report: A Reflection on the Powers and Performance of the Office of Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE).

3. Stephen Coutts, The Oireachtas and the Eurocrisis: Empowerment through Crisis.

4. Mark Coen, Judicial Comment after Rattigan.


Symposium: Historical Perspectives on Capital Punishment

1. Ian O’Donnell, An Interfering Judge, a Biddable Executive, and an Unbroken Neck.

2. Rian Sutton, A ‘matter for the consideration of the Executive alone’: The court of public opinion and narratives of mercy in the clemency cases of Elizabeth Gibbons and Chiara Cignarale.

3. Rachel Bennett, “An offence formerly unknown in this part of the United Kingdom”: Robbery and the death penalty in early nineteenth-century Scotland.

4. Lizzie Seal and Alexa Neale, Race, gender and bourgeois respectability: The Execution of Percy Clifford, 1914.

5. Lynsey Black, Murder, Capital Punishment, and the Irish in Scotland, 1864 to 1914.


Shorter Articles

1. David Prendergast, The presumption pertaining to murder mens rea in section 4(2) of the Criminal Justice Act 1964.