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Irish Jurist

Volume 57, 2017




Gerard Hogan, Mr. Justice Brian Walsh: The Legacy of Experiment and the Triumph of Judicial Imagination.

Mark Jordan, Illegality and the Law of Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish.

Edana Richardson, Islamic Finance Disputes in Ireland.

R.Gwynedd Parry, Is Breaking Up Hard to Do? The Case for a Separate Welsh Jurisdiction.

Hilary Biehler, Upholding Standards in Public Decision-Making – Getting the Balance Right.

Robert Noonan, Stare Decisis, Overruling, and Judicial Law-Making: The Paradox of the JC Case.

Shorter Articles

Darragh Coffey, Standards of Scrutiny in Judicial Review of Deportation Decisions Involving Article 3, ECHR. X.X. v Minister for Justice and Equality.

Máire Ní Shúilleabháin, Foreign Divorce Recognition and Residence: A Critical Analysis of H v H.

Garret Sammon, Mediation in Ireland: Policy Problems.

Eoin Carolan, Protecting Public Interest Reporting: What is the Future of Journalistic Privilege in Irish Law?