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Irish Jurist

Volume 58, 2017



John Wylie,  Adverse Possession – Still an Ailing Concept?  

TJ McIntyre and Ian O’Donnell, Criminals, Data Protection, and the Right to a Second Chance.

Colum Kenny, King James II, His Judges and King’s Inns: The Black Book, 1683 – 1693.

Nial Fennelly, The Judicial Legacy of Mr. Justice Adrian Hardiman.

Garret Sammon, The Mediation Act 2017.

Val Corbett, The Promotion of Human Dignity,: A Theory of Tort Law.

Gwilym Owen, A Blend of English and Welsh Law in Late Medieval and Tudor Wales: Innovation and Mimicry of Native Settlement Patterns in Wales.

James Gallen, Vicarious Liability and Historical Abuse: A Critical Analysis of Hickey v McGowan